Sonnet of the Week: Spellbound

I’m delighted to be poet in residence for this year’s Wenlock Poetry Festival, and also to be following Jean Atkin, who’s a good friend as well as an excellent poet. This was written for her during her typically energetic spell as poet in residence at Acton Scott. You can hear us both read at 7.30 pm this Saturday, at Wenlock Pottery.

Paul Francis.






Sonnet of the Week: Occupation

Observant readers will have picked up that not many of my sonnets are personal. Here’s one that is, written about my grand-daughter, though she never saw it at the time. It was over a dozen years ago, when she was a toddler. She’s now a teenager, and as tall as I am.

Paul Francis.






Sonnet of the Week: Wanker

I wrote this in 2008. It never won any prizes, but it’s one my favourites among my own sonnets. It works on two levels, tracing abusive relationships – a man bullying a woman, and a banker talking to a taxpayer. Some people think sonnets are soft and flowery, but they can also be topical and tough.

Paul Francis.






Sonnet of the Week: The Mezquita, Cordoba

“Where should I go in Cordoba?” Last year, a friend asked me that, just after she’d been invited on a trip by her son and his partner. There’s lots to see in Cordoba, but for me this has to be top of the list.

Paul Francis.