Children’s Programme

Our Children and Young People Team have been hard at work preparing a wonderful weekend of free events for our younger visitors in the new Children’s Marquee. Check out the programme here!



Sonnet of the Week: Respite

My mum was a huge fan of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Like him, she managed the neat trick of dying on her birthday. The day before, I was sat beside her hospital bed, writing this. That may well have looked a bit strange to others, but I’m sure she’d have understood.

Paul Francis.





Sonnet of the Week: Elgar, con spirito

This poem is powered by the contrast between a stuffy old Englishman and an energetic young Venezuelan musician. It was stimulated by a stunning TV documentary which included them both.

Paul Francis.




Sonnet of the Week: Looking for Jem

Valentine’s coming up, so I need a romantic sonnet…Not, you may have noticed, a regular feature of the repertoire. This one features an imaginary relationship in the past, and arose from a visit to the chapel at Bettws-y-Crwyn.

Paul Francis.






Sonnet of the Week: Me and My Mate

You’ve probably not met the world of schoolgirls’ toilets in a sonnet before, but maybe something sounds familiar. I wrote this a dozen years ago for a school anthology, which wanted parodies of famous poems. It’s based on Shakespeare’s sonnet 138: “When my love swears that she is made of truth…”

Paul Francis.