Sonnet of the Week: Watershed

I’ll be sharing a sonnet a week, but though I’m prolific I won’t guarantee that they’ll all be hot off the press. This one was too good to miss. Corbyn’s victory has stunned the media, who have predictably resorted to cynicism as a default response. I don’t know where this will end either, but it is different and it’s definitely worth a look.

Paul Francis.


Watershed  for Jeremy Corbyn   We’re celebrating. Rooney’s fiftieth goal, our longest reigning monarch - and JC has won the leadership, against all odds. It’s not the seond coming, but it’s news. OK, it won’t go smoothly. Knives are out – the Tories; Blairites who can’t stand to lose. The media, oozing cynicism, doubt that this will last. How can a rebel cope?  By changing how the crazy game is played. By listening, not claiming sole control of policy, not bowing to the gods of city finance, cuts, austerity. For once, we’ll have someone who’s not afraid to speak his mind, and that will give us hope.