Wenlock Poetry is pleased to have supported community projects and opportunities for poets and artists to share their work. 

Redhill Primary 2019
Emma Purshouse worked with the school, focusing on the Story of Iron. The children visited Blist Hill and researched The Lilleshall Co. Read some of the students’ poems here. 

Christchurch Primary 2018
Jointly funded by WP and the school, Emma Purshouse spent three days helping the children write and perform poems about themselves in the future.
“I noticed how well some of the (normally) less confident children took part – it felt a safe place to share ideas and they were able to produce work they felt really proud of and pleased with, which has built their confidence.”

Rushbury Primary 2018
Jean Atkin spent a day in school helping the children write poetry about Shakespeare and the Tudors.
“I would like to pass on our thanks to the Wenlock Poetry group and to Jean Atkin for providing us with a fantastic event yesterday. The children had a brilliant time and are still talking about what they did yesterday.”

Redhill Primary 2017
Local History Project with Year 5 and Emma Purshouse. Jointly funded by WP and the school, Emma spent three days helping the children write and perform poems in which they imagined themselves working in jobs from the 1902 Census.
“I’d just like to say thank you for all your hard work and for helping to make the project a great success. Emma was fantastic and did a great job of helping the children create poems over which they felt a strong sense of ownership.”

Two Sides of the Severn 2017
An ambitious project made possible by a generous grant from Clore Poetry & Literature Awards. Jean Atkin and Emily Wilkinson worked with 105 children from Much Wenlock and Redhill Primary Schools to create poems and artwork inspired by the Shropshire countryside. The work was showcased in a joint performance at The Edge, and in a beautiful pamphlet which you can download here. 
“I thought doing poetry would be boring, but it’s much more fun.” – student

Steve Ronnie, Artist in Residence 2016
Artist and poet Stevie Ronnie was our festival artist in residence, and worked with William Brookes Secondary School students thanks to support from Meadow Arts. 

Wild Wenlock, 2015
Festival installation curated by Emily Wilkinson, who designed a ‘poetry camp’ full of poetry and art activities for families. She also made teepees, in which children could listen to recordings of poems and stories by local authors.