Sonnet of the Week: Expansion

Often in political poems I’m adopting the voices of those to whom I’m most strongly opposed. This was written before I’d read Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything, but that experience has reinforced my view even more strongly. It really is the climate v. capitalism.

Paul Francis.


OK, so there’s a problem. Let me guess. Our larger trawl nets, with the smaller hole, mean fish stocks take a dive. The new hotels displace the fishermen, spread toxic mess along the coastline. Plus, the deal smells of exploitation; the utilities we took to cancel debt mean we control it all. The locals haven’t got a prayer. You see? I know this stuff. I do. I care. I’m also paid to check realities – the highest profit and the lowest tax form my horizon. They’re my bottom line. This is a hiccup. Give it six months, max. Get me another planet. We’ll be fine.

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